Monday, June 6, 2022

 Today the new issue of "Enchanted Conversations," an amazingly well done EMagazine which features new fairy tales was released. It includes my short fairy tale, "Seasonal Affliction."

There's no cost to read the magazine, so check it out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Free Short short story, "Talk Won't Chop Wood."

 Here's an abridged version of the story, "St. George and the Dragon," told from a slightly different perspective. The title is "Talk Won't Chop the Wood."

The people went to the King. “Sire, a dragon from afar ravages the farms, fields, and forests. We freeze. We starve. Pray help us, Sire.”
The King stood proudly. “I fear no dragon, but let no man fight it. Instead, we’ll refuse it sustenance and shelter, for without our help, it will realize it’s folly and go home.”
Sir George, a knight who would become a saint, left the throne room and searched far and wide. He found the dragon and killed it in single combat.
Townsfolk came to view the dead dragon and Sir George raised his sword and said, “Go forth and tell everyone, that a single brave man can slay more dragons than all the proclamations, posturings, and politics of a thousand kings.”